The Evolution Of A St. Louis Vapor Shop

E-cigarettes have become the latest rage where, at first they seemed to be a way for an individual to get off of tobacco cigarettes and move to a less caustic method of smoking. E-cigarettes are really not used for smoking in the traditional way because there is nothing actually burning.

The way an electronic cigarette works is that a small container within the E-Cig device contains a glycol solution that when stimulated with the charge of a battery, gives off a vapor that looks so much like cigarette smoke, you can really not tell the difference. There is a big difference, though, because the vapor is just that, nothing more than water vapor, like fog. A St Louis vapor shop can attest that this has a market all on its own, because people dislike the negative effects of smoke.

The ingredients of the glycol substance can also contain different flavors, even including different levels of nicotine. Now, nicotine itself is very poisonous, but in cigarettes and E-cigs it is very tiny in proportion to the entire substance. The strategy is to move from tobacco to E-Vapes to get rid of inhaling all of the carcinogens from cigarette smoke.

In St. Louis, there have been vapor shops that have sprung up all over the place, featuring all kinds of new brands of devices, liquids and accessories to make the new practice more enjoyable and exciting.

Each year, over 161,000 people die of lung cancer, which about 90 percent of those deaths can be attributed to the inhalation of cigarette smoke. Tobacco smoke contains abour 250 known carcinogens as well as arsenic and cyanide. Plus it leaves a greyish, blackish tar that coats the insides of a smokers lungs until the alveoli (the small ports in our lungs that transfers oxygen to the bloodstream) are destroyed.





This condition is called COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and is primarily caused by tobacco smoking. If a tobacco smoker quits smoking tobacco cigarettes and switches to an E-Cig with a comparable level of nicotine, he is really ahead of the game as far the lung diseases associated with tobacco smoke are concerned.

St. Louis is not the only city where Vapor shops and electronic cigarettes are carving their own niche, as many other cities are experiencing the same thing. When big tobacco starts getting into the game, you know there is something to it, as evidenced by tobacco giant, Lolliard which recently purchased Bleu Cigs, one of the early E-Cig marketers did. R.J. Reynolds has come out with a brand all their own as have other tobacco manufacturers.

However, there is a real surge of new brands on the market with all sorts of fancy looking devices called “mods” as well as a myriad of flavors from fruity flavors, such as strawberry, banana, cherry, peach and others such as peanut butter, chocolate, menthol, peppermint, and many others. And, of course different levels of nicotine are available as well.

St. Louis vendors are developing a very mature trade that is now something to be reckoned with. Now in contention as well, are the foreign manufactures from China, Europe and Asia. The products look good and have become as popular as any that are made in America.

Regulators are beginning to take notice, as there is no overview by anyone as to what ingredients are contained in the e-liquids. While the essence of the liquid really amounts to no more than water vapor, what goes into that substance can really be anything. While a successful manufacturer is not going to include anything outlandish, there is a propensity for slip ups and possible harmful occurrences from time to time.

There have already been proposed regulations put forth in national and state legislative bodies to oversee the process, which will probably be good in the long run, as the good manufacturers will want to have some form of standardization. It is mostly self-imposed at the present time, as manufacturers are really governed by the marketplace and each other. This is a good situation for the market to be in at the present time and consumers have become very savvy as to ingredients and their various effects.

Today the e-cigarettes don’t look so much like cigarettes anymore as they have “extra boosting” capabilities with bigger batteries that are designed to give a heavier “nicotine hit” and more vapor. It is considered fashionable to inhale your vapor and exhale a cloud that is comparable to a small nimbus cumulous.

St. Louis vapor shops have in many cases become hangouts for the groupies that have formed around the new culture of vaping. Smokers have found a new lease on life with the possibility of getting shed of tobacco.

The talk revolves around the advantages of mechanical mods versus varying voltage mods. The devices themselves all look like something that just came out of Star Trek, and some are very ornate and colorful, and others are more plain looking.

E-Cigs or Vapes, as they are called have also become a big item on eBay and other auction sites. Starter kits, Vape kits, and Mod kits come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. The marketplace has suddenly become extremely complex, and when that happens a group of expert aficionados spring up and begin to carry the knowledge part of the movement. To call e-cigs a movement is probably an accurate statement because it is growing exponentially on an international scale as well as just in the United States.

While there are still the hard core tobacco loyalists, who claim that the taste and nicotine of the electronic cigarettes don’t compare to the real thing, inhaling vapor instead of tobacco is making a lot more sense to more people all of the time. It is going to be interesting to see where all of this leads.

You can actually spend some real money on your mod too, as much as $50 to $200 or so on the fancier mods. You can reuse your mod for a long time, and only replace your batteries and liquids. Of course cigarettes themselves are not cheap either as the average price per pack is $5.61. A pack a day smoker will spend a little over $2,000 per year on cigarettes, so in many ways vaping can be cheaper. The St. Louis market for E-cigarettes is maturing rapidly and will probably continue as more people try the new fad and find it suits them well enough to stay with it.